Product Review

Digita S.R.L.

Reviewed by: 
CRM Idol Primary Judges - EMEA

Digita Srl was  founded in 1999 by Stefano Straus and Maria Sole de Vidovich, a husband and wife team based in Asolo, Northern Italy. In their early years the company focused on consulting and specialized in web design projects. In 2003, to meet their own internal business needs they decided to develop an open source CRM solution that they later brought to market in 2005, called Tustena CRM. Over the last few years the company has grown to 10 employees, with a customer base of over 200 customers. The company’s revenue comes both from product sales and from business consulting.

The product Tustena CRM is built on a .Net architecture and is available both on-premise (48% of customers) and on-demand (52%). The subscription price is a very reasonable 16.5 euro per user per month. With its 9th release scheduled for the end of 2011 Tustena CRM now has broad capabilities spanning CRM, Social CRM Helpdesk, Analytics and ERP. Their target market is small and medium enterprises - 50% of their customers have between 15 and 50 users. To date they have mainly focused on their domestic Italian market but their key objective is to try and move upstream within the SME segment and also expand internationally and they are slowly building a partner reseller network to help them achieve those goals. From an industry perspective 59% of their customer base comes from the Service industries (e.g. Advertising, Telco, Consulting), 25% are technology companies and 15% manufacturers.

During the CRM Idol presentation Digita Sri spent a good amount of time demonstrating their product. The demo was something of a feature / function demo – we went through a number of different features within the software including contact management, outbound e-mail marketing, surveys, service tickets, Google maps integration, opportunity management. We felt that the demo lacked a overall story to bring to life the features bring demonstrated and more could have bring done to bring out the unique differentiators rather then simply going through the functionality feature by feature. That said, however, the demo did show us strong breadth in the solution. The e-mail marketing capabilities showed the ability to create targeting mail campaigns and measure closed loop results (shown below). This capability looked solid but nothing unique that we would not expect a CRM vendor to provide:

Likewise the Helpdesk and reporting capabilities looked strong but not necessarily unique. We looked at the ability to create custom reports, all presented beautifully as below:

The key strength of the solution seemed to be the internally integrated processes that spanned both CRM and ERP. We saw this briefly in both a services and a manufacturing context looking at capabilities like product catalogue, orders, quotations, pricing, contracts and invoicing. We believe this to be extremely attractive to SME organizations looking for a single simple, integrated business system.

In addition, the solution (at least the on-premise version) also looked to be extremely configurable with the ability to add custom fields, remove tabs, integrate to 3rd party solutions like Outlook or Google apps. The final part of the demo covered what looked like basic BPM capabilities. We showed these applied to sales opportunity management, showing the process of sales lead nurturing. This looked promising but unfortunately we didn’t have time to see more:

Overall, the Tustena demo left the judges with slightly mixed feelings. On one hand we were impressed by the breadth and depth of the solution. For a reasonably small development team they have built out an impressive array of capabilities spanning CRM & ERP and available both on-premise and on-demand. On the other hand, we didn’t really feel that the presentation and demo quite articulated a clear and more importantly differentiated value proposition.