The Prizes…Finally

These are the prizes as of the start of the Finals, September 29, 2011. There is one unannounced prize that will be told to the winners only and will not count against their choices.

All Finalists

  1. All 7 finalists will get to choose one day of consulting from the list of Influencer consultants below. The order of choice will be based on the popular vote on the video which will be kept confidential but used for the choosing. There will be more consultants added to the list as contest moves forward.
  2. Brent Leary and I are offering individual interviews for all 7 finalists on separate episodes of CRM Playaz, our widely watched and of course wildly popular lets-just-say "funny" show. Though they may not consider that much of a prize since we get the chance to not just give them exposure, but mock them if we care to.  But the offer is there to all seven finalists.

The Americas and EMEA Winners

Each winner will get to choose six prizes from the list. Note – in the case where multiple prizes are being offered by a single vendor – the vendor counts as a single prize with all the items as part of that.

Now to the prizes

  1. Accenture
    • A full day workshop with CRM leaders in Accenture for possible partnership and/or possible investment.
  2. Attensity
    • A free year of Attensity 360, their social media monitoring package, with 1 user and 5 topics. 
  3. Capgemini (for EMEA winners only)
    • A half day workshop with Patrick James, Global VP CRM and Laurence Buchanan to explore joint go to market opportunities and help you refine and test your value proposition.
  4. Jive Software’s  Enterprise Launch Package:
    • Free workshop with Mark Weitzel, Jive Apps developer evangelist and President of the OpenSocial foundation on how to socially enable your application with Jive’s enterprise social graph
    • 12 months free in Jive Apps Market (Jive waives their 25% revenue share)
    • Free attendance and demo pod at JiveWorld 11 in Las Vegas on October 4th-6th (1,500 enterprise attendees)
  5. Social Media Today
    • A blog post featuring the winner of the contest to run on both The Customer Collective and Social Media Today
    • A single blast to the Social Media Today opt-in list (approximately 50,000 names) which will conform to their minimum standards (valued at $10,500)
  6. Microsoft
    • 12 mos. of CRM Online Free for developing extensions to CRM
    • 12 mos. of Windows Azure Free for developing web-based portals and BI solutions
    • Access to the Office 365 Beta for building collaborative applications and services
    • Access to the BizSpark One program -a program designed to connect emerging businesses and their investors with a Microsoft advisor to help them identify unique opportunities and expand its business presence
  7. SugarCRM
    • Free 10 user subscription to SugarCRM Professional or Enterprise
    • Membership in the Sugar Exchange and free consulting on product integration with SugarCRM
    • CEO Larry Augustin, a successful venture capitalist in his own right, does a mentoring & VC matchmaking session with the winners
  8. Donal Daly CEO of The TAS Group,
    •  has generously provided his sales deal software, Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation, to a winner. Not one, but ten licenses for a full year with setup thrown in for free and no strings attached. This is a $12,000 value. Not too shabby.
  9. Denis Pombriant
    • One hour pro bono external webinar on a subject TBD for lead gen, mindshare etc.
  10. Brian Solis
    • One hour internal webinar on how to use SCRM and social media to your advantage
  11. Paul Greenberg
    • One hour pro bono external webinar on a subject TBD for lead gen, mindshare, etc.
  12. Ray Wang
    • One hour pro bono external webinar on a subject TBD for lead gen, mindshare, etc.
  13. Sameer Patel
    • One hour pro bono external webinar on a subject TBD for lead gen, mindshare, etc.
  14. Influencer Consulting– free strategic consulting for 1 day or 8 hours from a variety of judges (in person travel expenses to be covered by winners)
    • Esteban Kolsky (in person only)
    • Paul Greenberg (on phone or in person)
    • Denis Pombriant (on phone or in person)
    • Mark Tamis (on phone or in person)
    • Jesus Hoyos (on phone or in person)
    • Brent Leary (on phone or in person)
  15. Brent Leary (for the Americas Only)
    • One of the most influential folks in CRM and small business and a CRM Idol primary judge is offering for the Americas only  inclusion in his 2011 coming in September 2011 CRM-Ish List of companies to watch that can provide products/services to the small business community.
    • An invitation to be a featured participant (speaker and/or panelist) at the inaugural Social Business Atlanta conference in 2012 (details coming soon).
    • A featured spot on One-on-One conversation series.
  16. Qontext
    • Each CRM Idol winner gets the Qontext Enterprise Social Collaboration pro service FREE for up to 25 users for 1 year, including document management, threaded discussions, sharing, video streaming, online polls, deep integration & much more.
  17. Mindshare
    • The use of their Customer Feedback Management product/service free for six months, including web-based feedback survey, real-time analysis, reporting . Est. value: $20-$25,000 U.S.
  18. BPT Partners
    • BPT Partners, the leading trainer in Social CRM is providing 4 VIP seats to its social CRM training in any venue or combination of venues to the winner of each the Americas and EMEA. That means that the winner can use the seats to the 2 days of training one at a time in multiple venues or all four at once in a single venue. They can give the seats to customers or use it themselves. Est. value: $6000.00 U.S.
  19. CustomerTalk
    • CustomerTalk, Netherlands based popular CRM media property is offering to the winner of the Americas and EMEA a blog post and interview featuring the winner to run on Customer Talk and a media campaign for the Dutch market valued at $5000 US on their Customer Talk Network. 
  20. Paul Greenberg
    • Paul Greenberg is offering guaranteed inclusion to each winner into his 2011-12 CRM Watchlist which has been widely disseminated over its two years of existence.  That will be published in either mid December 2011 or early January 2012 depending. 
  21. Bain Capital Ventures
    • The winner of the Americas and the winner of EMEA gets an opportunity to make a presentation for possible investment in front of Tier 1 venture capital firm, Bain Capital Ventures.  This is a huge opportunity, not just because of the possible funding, but because of the skills tha Bain Capital Ventures brings to the companies that they invest in. For example, they were an early investor in LinkedIn.