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Videos & voting! Now it's your turn to add your votes.
Wow! Another Idol contestant has been acquired. Congrats to Connected who were snapped up by LinkedIn!
Good Luck to all of us EMEA contestants - semi-finalists announced soon ...
Today is the day when the EMEA semi-finalists will be announced... I'm super excited!
I just finished my presentation to the judges, regardless of the outcome they are doing a excellent job. I couldn't listen to me for a whole hour that's for sure :-)
I wish I could +1 or thumbs up some of the discussions, shouts, and comments. CustomerKing's suggestion is a great idea, as is Caty's appreciation for what CRM Idol is doing for the industry. And I think (hope) the .NET discussion has legs ready to run on the heels of today's insight session.
Love everything that CRM Idol is doing for the industry, and everything it stands for!
PhaseWare is chewing their collective nails off. Hope the announcements are today since yesterday was just choosing,. Paul you are such a tease. Aaaauuuuuugh! (Charlie Brown head thump)
Anyone else waiting as eagerly as I am for the Semi-finalist announcements? Anticipation...
Once again, just wanted to thank the Judges & panelists for the extraordinary amount of work they've devoted to Idol. The reviews are most welcome and useful..
Good luck to everyone. The bigWebapps team is getting excited.
Just posted some thoughts for the CRM Idol contestants: And maybe a challenge.
T.H.U.R.S.D.A.Y! - Boca Raton, Florida USA -- Aplicor Demo is AWN like POPCAWN... [best of luck to you guys too!]
Game on!
Have a good weekend everyone, I guess things will start to heat up soon ... :-)
hello world from Italy :-)
Hello from Aix en Provence. I've watched several videos and you guys rulez :) Esteban's webcast on yesterday was refreshing... You will all hurt the old-fashioned CRM majors, for sure.
Hi guys! Just made it to the #CRMIdol party w/ Brenda! Chose a profile picture that I thought would be most appropriate for this occasion. I wanna be a #heartthrob too!
Pass the popcorn, @krcraft! Team Nimble is super excited!
sorry, "criteria" and not "criterions" ;)
what are the selection criterions with this huge diversity in companies' missions? scrm, crm, DEM, etc.?
Hey krcraft :-), Glad to see you here. I'll see what the developers can do about the member list.
It would also be nice to see the entire list of members so we might meet new folks to follow.
Customer King. Not a bad idea. Let me talk to webmaster and see what can be done. Never hurts to add coolness.
Hi everyone! Glad to be a part of this community & am looking forward to the competition. :)
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