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Really looking forward to seeing the CRM Idol Finalist videos. Regardless who you vote for, offer up your thoughts on the videos here.

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The CRMIdol contest is a great opportunity for many of us smaller software companies to get exposure. 

It has been an invaluable experience for our firm and we are sincerely amazed and appreciative for the efforts the judges have put into the contest.  Many thanks!

But....Who does the information provided by the contest best serve?  It is certainly a good place for other influencers to learn about new firms, but Is it a good place for software purchasers to find and evaluate software? 

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During the Focus 'CRM Idol: In Search of the Best CRMish Programs You've Never Heard Of' event today, judges Paul Greenberg, Esteban Kolsky, Brent Leary and Brian Vellmure shared some key insights about the contest, and the contestants. If you missed the event, I highly recommend that you listen to the replay here - especially if you are a young, small start up in need of some wise mentoring in any industry:


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We currently utilize ChartDirector for integrating charting into our application.  It gets the job done, but I wanted to get some feedback from you other vendors to see if you have found other charting software that you particularly like, especially for using with Web services.  We offer both hosted and on-premise options.


All input is appreciated.


Thanks, Chuck

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We’ve been in this business of CRM Support & Service now for 25+ years (yes, even before it was called CRM), and I have butterflies about this presentation. Gartner, Aberdeen, Forrester…we’ve presented to them all, and this one seems more nerve-wracking than the others. I suppose it’s the amount of exposure and the potential to be shot down when we’ve worked so hard for so long (I’ve been here for 18 of the 25--really.). The fact that we’ve had a mentor (who has been amazing) adds a new dimension, too. In all of our years, we’ve never presented to Paul G. either. So, our time has come.

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CRM Idol is a great opportunity for all of us to get feedback from peers. Let me start! By far, I like Pipedrive most for their design and user experience ) It would be great to hear your opinion about BPMonline ))

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First off, I'd like to congratulate those of you who already did the demos this week! This is probably a great relief :)

If you have something to share about your experience of presenting on CRM Idol or any advices to the contestants who are still polishing their demos (our team as well), please share them here -- we will all appreciate your thoughts a lot!

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As I work my way through trials of contestant software, I noted that several make use of promo codes, questions about source, etc. I'm wondering if contestants have created any codes, custom landing pages or the like to track new visits to your sites via CRM Idol publicity? How are you monitoring traffic/use increase from the contest? Do you have suggestions for the other contestants?

* are you tracking hits from the CRM Idol website?
* 'How did you learn about us?' questions with Idol in the answer? (Or, I heard about it from Paul) ;-P

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The judges recently made a comment that they were surprised that so many of the contestants were using a .NET stack instead of something newer like Ruby on Rails.

I inferred, quite possibly incorrectly, that what was being suggested was that RoR and other newer technologies were somehow better suited for developing Web-based applications.

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I'm a little surprised to see that FrontRange's GoldMine isn't on the list of CRM is much more widely used than a number of the other contestants, and I'd love to see a full review of the product. I use GoldMine, not a reseller or employee or anything like that. It has both its good and bad points...but I'd love to see it stacked up against the other contestants.

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