Round One of CRM Idol 2011 Ends. On the the Semi-Finals
27 August 2011, 07:48 PM

After two weeks and 39 demos/reviews, Round 1 of CRM Idol 2011 is now over - much to the relief of the contestants I'm sure.  The judges have been scoring this competition in all kinds of ways - not just related to the demos but several using other closely held secret (mysterious....) evaluation techniques and in about a week, the semi-finalists will be announced. With the announcement of the semi-finalists, will come the announcement of another prize or two that will be of major importance but is currently being negotiated with the party (or parties) involved. One that will be definitely appreciated though.  

Also, when the finalists are chosen, we'll announce some awards from the rest of the field that we've been discussing that will allow some interesting titles to be claimed by some of the contestants who didn't make the finalist cut. Not Miss Congeniality though. Although....

In any case, if you want to see the approximately accurate schedule for these different things, go to the rules section and there's a calendar there with a buncha dates that announcements will be made. It might change. We need some slack since this is year one, people.  But use them as reasonable guidelines as to whassup next in line. 

Have a great week.  For those of you in the path of Hurricane Irene, good luck this weekend. For those of you who aren't. Damned lucky already.