It is now Completely Final – The CRM Idol 2011 EMEA Finalists Are Here
27 September 2011, 01:20 PM

Okay, we are now done with everything but the winners.  We are proud to announce the CRM Idol 2011 EMEA finalists but before we do….

As judges, we want to say that this was a tough one. Of the 7 qualifying semi-finalists, it was not easy to eliminate anyone really and, of course, while we had to, this might have gone other ways too. But, in the end, this is a rigorous process that involves interviews, factors behind the scenes, more interviews, criteria that are uniform for all contestants, scoring and a lot of discussion back and forth between the judges – all of whom are experienced thought leaders in the space.

So, we are both happy and comfortable with our final choices for EMEA.

Without further ado, we call on you to give a HUGE round of applause to the three finalists for CRM Idol 2011 EMEA (in alphabetical order)

Give it up for:

BPMonline CRM


Yay!  Congratulations to the EMEA winners.  This now completes bot h the Americas and EMEA finalist choices and we move on to the selection of the winners.

The video production and submission rules will be made available to all finalists this week.  Watch for it.

The home stretch begins.