CRM Idol EMEA Semi-Finalists & Judges Attention Awards! Round 1 Worldwide is OVER!
16 September 2011, 02:28 PM

Okay, we’re done with Round 1 worldwide and the EMEA judges have made their choices.  We’ve chosen seven semi-finalists for EMEA including what’s called a “judge’s save.” That means one of the contestants was brought into the semi-finals because we thought they had enough going, despite perhaps some presentation/demo flaws, to be included.  Neither you (nor they) will ever know who that was because, well, it doesn’t really matter. They are as good as any of the other six. But we figured you were owed an explanation because we said “six” and there are seven.

There are, as in the Americas competition, Judges’ Attention award winners. They don’t make the semi-finals but we noticed them and think they have something special.  We really want to encourage them to enroll in the competition next year. They just need some seasoning and they will be real contenders the next time around. There are two companies we’ve singled out for that.


(In alphabetical order)

The Semi-Finalists - EMEA

  1. ABCrm
  2. BPMOnline
  3. Dimelo
  4. IKO System
  5. IntouchCRM
  7. Zestia

The Judges’ Attention Awards – EMEA

  1. Atollon
  2. The Selfservice Company


Congratulations to all the semi-finalists and Judges' Attention Award winners!! Interviews for the semi-finalists are up next, as we wind down those for the Americas.