CRM Idol 2011 Update #3: Locked and Loaded
4 July 2011, 11:25 AM

Okay. We're locked and loaded. Reference checks done. Programs being put into place. Website in progress. A new prize. Final contestant list in place with times and dates complete.

Here's what's happened since we last talked.


We have new prizes. First, Donal Daly CEO of The TAS Group, has generously provided his sales deal software, Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation, to a winner. Not one, but ten licenses for a full year with setup thrown in for free and no strings attached. This is a $12,000 value. Not too shabby. Then, Brent Leary, one of the most influential folks in CRM and small business and a CRM Idol primary judge is offering for the Americas only

  1. inclusion in his 2011 coming in September 2011 CRM-Ish List of companies to watch that can provide products/services to the small business community.
  2. an invitation to be a featured participant (speaker and/or panelist) at the inaugural Social Business Atlanta conference in September 2011 (details coming soon)
  3. a featured spot on One-on-One conversation series

And finally, for all seven finalists, Brent Leary and I are offering an interview on CRM Playaz, our widely watched and of course wildly popular lets-just-say "funny" show. Though they may not consider that much of a prize since we get the chance to not just give them exposure, but mock them if we care to.  But the offer is there to all seven finalists. More large prizes are in the works. We'll be working on those until the date of the competition so stay tuned. Now that Scottie won American Idol, what else do you have to do with your time anyway? We're way more interesting than "So You Think You Can Dance?".