CRM Idol 2011: Semi-Finalist Pre-Announcement: The Tension Increases
1 September 2011, 05:52 PM

Well, folks, it’s done.  We have the semi-finalists but before we say who they are, please read all this.  The announcement of the names will be in a very few hours.

First, thank you to all the 39 contestants in the CRM Idol 2011 – Americas edition of the competition. You were wonderful to deal with and we thoroughly enjoyed working and speaking with you (and for those of you at Dreamforce 2011, meeting with  you).  Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make the semi-finals. You have a lot to offer and please take heart of the suggestions in the reviews because as judges we put a lot of thought into what we wrote and each review was written by a judge and reviewed by all the parties who had been on the call and signed off on, so its what we all and each think you might do.  Also, please feel free to try again next year. There is nothing in the rules or in our plans to prevent re-entries.   We’d be honored to have you. 

Also, please don’t think that you no longer can contact us. Once a CRM Idol contestant, always a contact.  We are also in discussions now to decide how to handle the site between contests.  But you should expect that you will continue to have editing access to your page and that we will continue to publicize the site and you as we move through the year and beyond to CRM Idol 2012.

To those of you advancing to the next round – you’re going to be contacted by a judge soon to set up a time to talk.  This will be a confidential, completely private discussion. We hope that you will be candid with the judges because they are going to be candid with you – and, whether you make the finals or not, this should be a valuable discussion.

Soon, too, you will see posts from the judges that will be reproduced here and in the varying media on our overall impressions on what we’ve learned from and about you.  We have some fascinating things that we’ve figured out, some of them kind of expected, some of them completely surprising and we’ll be talking about that.

When the competition is completely over and the Americas and the EMEA winner are chosen, we’ll be sending out a request for feedback to each of you so we can make the competition better next year. We’d be happy to take feedback right now on the use of the site post-competition;  please send it to to give us your ideas on how the site post-competition might benefit you – and what we’d have to do to accommodate that.  We really want this to be a place that you can be more visible to the influencer and customer communities.  Your ideas would be huge for us.

Finally, a few things re: the semi-finalists.  There are 13 semi-finalists and three special mentions.   Originally, we were going to have 12 semi-finalists based on the scores that you all achieved for the demo/reviews and for several other factors that  were not made public (and won’t be).   We added, at our discretion, a judge’s save, meaning a company that fell out of the top 12 but had enough going  for it and had fallen out for a reason that wasn’t necessarily a problem.  That will be an annual discretionary call for the Americas and EMEA. 

We also have a Judge’s Attention Special Award that will be given to three companies, who while they didn’t make the semi-finals, had something special that we thought was promising enough to not only give them a shout out but give them automatic entry into next years competition should they choose to participate. The one caveat is that they are going to have to make the choice right away.