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How are you tracking results (leads/trials) from CRM Idol?
by krcraft 1 September 2011, 03:24 AM

As I work my way through trials of contestant software, I noted that several make use of promo codes, questions about source, etc. I'm wondering if contestants have created any codes, custom landing pages or the like to track new visits to your sites via CRM Idol publicity? How are you monitoring traffic/use increase from the contest? Do you have suggestions for the other contestants?

* are you tracking hits from the CRM Idol website?
* 'How did you learn about us?' questions with Idol in the answer? (Or, I heard about it from Paul) ;-P
* Have you thought about offering a CRM Idol discount for new customers?

Lots more ideas exist, especially for the contestants that the Judges think need to up their marketing game. Let's see what you guys have come up with.