Company: webCRM
Address: webCRM UK Ltd Hathern House Rempstone Road Normanton on Soar Leicestershire LE12 5EH
Phone: +44 845 305 8222

Product Description


Most CRM solutions either attempt to do too much, or fail to do enough. With webCRM we aim to provide the right balance whilst focussing on Activity Management as opposed to database form filling.

webCRM does everything typical users expect but without all the complexity. Customers can deploy quickly and easily manage their first steps with webCRM. Then migrate to become more sophisticated users as they gain more experience. No need for expensive consultancy or training - most new customers are up and running within a day.

User access is broad, with users updating live on Windows and MAC platforms through to mobile devices.

Corporate Description


webCRM was founded in 2002 by a team of experienced senior IT and commercial executives with the business goal of supplying safe and easy to use web based applications.

From 2006 our focus has been entirely on web based CRM solutions. Financially we are very strong with no external debt, good profitability and a healthy balance sheet. We have a loyal user base which is growing very rapidly as more companies realise the benefits hosted CRM has to offer.

In our opinion most CRM systems offer far too much functionality, much of which customers just don't need. As a result CRM projects tend to be long and complex and the users end up using only a fraction of what the system can do.

webCRM is targeted towards small and medium sized companies, who want something flexible, fast and easy to set-up. Most of our customers are up and running in a matter of hours. Later on they include more functionality as the need arises.

webCRM is also able to accomodate the needs of large organisations - as long as they are looking for something, that is easy, flexible and doesn't have an excessive amount of features.

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