Company: VIPorbit Software International
Address: VIPorbit Software International, Inc. 1858 Keller Parkway, Ste. B Keller, TX 76248 United States

Product Description

VIPorbit is the only full-featured iPhone contact manager for mobile business professionals looking to manage contacts, calendar, and customer interactions on their iPhone. It’s fully customizable to track the exact information you need, how you need it. Not only can you connect with a contact—by phone, email, text, Twitter, or Facebook—with a simple tap, each scheduled activity is seamlessly logged by contact for on-the-go access to your relationship history. Look no further than this fully featured iPhone contact manager to turn contacts into relationships.

Key Features

  • The Dashboard provides a daily activity summary, database stats, and quick access to calendar views.
  • Six fields with user-definable lists can be customized and populated with a single tap.
  • Calendar management links to your contacts, including alerts, recurring activities, group scheduling, and an automated Log of completed activities.
  • View calendars in multiple formats and filter by activity type and date ranges.
  • View iCal events within VIPorbit.
  • Unlimited automatic date-stamped notes for each contact.
  • Instantly connect to contacts via phone, email, text, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Build spheres of influence with Orbits to organize your contacts any way you want.
  • Use VIPLinks to create and leverage connections between contacts.
  • Create quick reports summarizing relationship details.
  • Easily import and export contact information from/to other applications.
  • Keep your valuable relationship information safe with the optional automated “Backup My Stuff” feature.

Corporate Description

VIPorbit Software International creates Mobile Relationship Management software that helps business people build sustainable relationship value, which leads to greater success. Founded by the co-inventor of ACT!, VIPorbit Software provides mobile professionals with an affordable, anytime/anywhere solution that allows them to deal with more people, more effectively, elevating the value of their relationships.

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