Vertical Solutions

Company: Vertical Solutions, Inc.
Address: 4243 Hunt Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242
Phone: +1 513.891.7997

Product Description

In 2010, Vertical Solutions, Inc. (VSI) launched a new line of cloud-based customer service solutions that enable companies to automate the interactions between any entity, database, or group and deliver seamless, consistent support based on proven business processes.

  • VContactCenter: For internal, external, and hybrid contact centers
  • VServiceManagement™: For customer support, field service, and mobile environments
  • VHealthTracker:  For managing and tracking patient services to medical management companies, skilled care providers, PPO’s and hospitals
  • Vertical Services Platform™(VSP™): the platform upon which these solutions are built

Important features include:

  • Business Process Management: Quickly and easily create the processes and workflows that streamline customer interaction and integrate adjacent business functions via a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Social Collaboration: Integrate information from internal channels as well as external social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebookto gain ongoing insight into the customer’s experience, build community, and have actionable information for product and service development.
  • Mobility:Deploy on a variety of devices, including Netbooks and ruggedized tablets, to enable access via 3G or 4G networks in the field. Take customer payments on site with instant credit-card verification and signature capture capabilities.
  • Workforce Management (Field Services):Manage strategic resource planning, labor scheduling (based on skills, geography, SLAs, severity, parts availability, business rules, and customer entitlement), time/work data collection, and workload balancing. A standard Gantt Graph representation, critical resource finder, and Google Maps API are all available out of the box. 
  • Multichannel Approach: Information from every channel – from phone calls, chat, and email to self-help, forums, and social networking – is at the agents’ and technicians’ fingertips for fast, responsive service.
  • Knowledge Management:Agents and techs have the ability to quickly and easily create knowledge articles based on resolved calls, streamlining access to best practices.

Corporate Description

Vertical Solutions, Inc. develops CRM/Contact Center and Service Management solutions that manage the entire service workflow process, drive revenue, build customer relationships, and capture valuable information used to develop and improve products and services.

Our new generation of technology solutions is built on a non-proprietary, SOA-compliant, technology platform and delivered as a service or on-premise in a private or public cloud environment. VSI's applications are flexible, integrate easily with legacy systems, and offer rapid deployment times, driving down TCO and delivering high ROI.

VSI has been in business for more than 20 years and is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, with offices and partners worldwide. Our customer list is 100-percent referenceable, and includes ACCO Brands (GBC), ABB, Inc., John Moore Services, and Rubbermaid.

In late 2010, VSI solidified a partnership with NetSuite. Together, VSI and NetSuite provide a seamlessly integrated end-to-end, front- and back-office solution that covers CRM for Sales, ERP, E-Commerce, CRM Contact Center, Field Service Management, Dispatch, and Mobile—all in the cloud.

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