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Product Description

The Unified Knowledge Platform is a unique combination of software, knowledge, and services specifically designed to help enterprise organizations manage and share knowledge. The platform, whether delivered via the Cloud or on-premise, allows you to build a more efficient service organization and deliver knowledge from throughout your enterprise to your customer by combining powerful search, user-friendly interfaces, extensive content, and industry best practices.

At RightAnswers we understand that providing excellent support, ensuring your users have great experiences when interacting with your support channels, are your priority and the key to retaining your customer base. The basis of providing good service is having easy access to the information needed to quickly and accurately provide customers answers to their questions. As the leader in Knowledge Management, Self-Service, and Knowledge Development we have created the RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform. This easily customizable suite includes a collection of software and services that empower service organizations to reach new levels of effectiveness, improving the support experience and analyst efficiency.

The Unified Knowledge Platform is comprised of components that address:

Unified Knowledge Management

  • RightAnswers Solution Manager
  • RightAnswers Knowledge Explorer
  • RightAnswers Knowledge Paks
  • RightAnswers Knowledge Cycle
  • RightAnswers custom Knowledge

User Experience

  • RightAnswers Self Service
  • RightAnswers Service Agent
  • RightAnswers Mobile
  • RightAnswers Agent Wiki
  • RightAnswers Knowledge Gateway
  • RightAnswers Automated Email Response


  • RightAnswers Implementation
  • RightAnswers Knowledge Certification
  • RightAnswers Client Success

Corporate Description

RightAnswers delivers cloud-based and on-premise knowledge management, self-service, and knowledge base development tools to enable enterprise organizations to optimize their support operations.  Designed for improve service, the company’s flagship software – RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform – provides a support knowledge platform to help organizations improve support services, reduce costs and deliver a consistent, multi-channel experience including Mobile.  RightAnswers solutions are utilized by hundreds of clients and millions of users across the globe, including commercial enterprises, higher education institutions and government agencies.

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