Company: thedatabank, inc.
Address: thedatabank, inc. 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 500 Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: 1-877-603-0296

Product Description

The Databank is a SaaS relationship management database and communications system, It’s used by nonprofit and political organizations to store information about constituents and communicate with them. Customized tracking of all people and contacts, built in reports, list upload, file export, built-in bulk email and text messaging, social media integration, mobile apps, website integration, powerful searches, duplicate management, donor and membership tracking are just some of the amazing features that make the Databank an unequaled value! With its modular design, the Databank can be easily customized for each organizations specific needs.

Corporate Description

thedatabank's mission is to create positive social change through technology. We do this by providing high performance, easy to use, affordable software solutions to nonprofit organizations engaged in making the world a better place; and by providing a workplace that respects diversity, encourages innovation, and creates sustainable employment for our community.

thedatabank invented web-based fundraising software in 1998, through the vision of its two founders, Chris Hanson and Mark Paquette. Mark and Chris each have a long history of working for and with organizations focused on social justice, peace and human rights. As a fundraiser, Chris raised millions of dollars for organizations like Farm Aid, Honor the Earth, the Sierra Club, and Special Olympics. As an activist and software developer, Mark created best-selling educational software, including Oregon Trail, and used his technical expertise to help numerous nonprofits.

Mark and Chris met in 1993 when they worked together on a Democratic gubernatorial campaign. Five years later, they founded thedatabank, inc. Since then, they have devoted themselves to developing and delivering innovative database software to help organizations make a difference.

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