Company: Newsinator LLC
Address: Newsinator LLC 1065 Executive Parkway - Suite 200 Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Product Description is an EnterpriseGTD service that can be run on a company's own servers or as a hosted solution with https-level security.
The productivity gains from using email effectively are as yet unexplored in the business world - 95% of's functionality (and see below, that's quite a bit) can be accessed from simple email commands or from a gmail widget - still https secure.

Businesses use for three main reasons:

  1. Quickly serving customers with customized workflow and access for high-volume, high-touch products
  2. Integrating all aspects of productivity into their 'gmail'
  3. Managing staff and their productivity real-time across continents

Brief Description:
Web based software with mail integration to manage staff, workflows, workspaces on behalf of either internal processes or handling customer service. Features:

Hierarchical management


Make managers

Manage staff

Enterprise-level search

Pay per piece / measuring performance

Calendar Integration

Assign tasks to staff

Allow outside third parties into workspaces for real time tracking and notifications

...and Inbox Zero

Product/pricing is sold in the following three ways:

A) Basic Product
Hosted: Storage-price based [free installation]
Enterprise: Subscription [usage based]

B) Consulting Services

Productivity, Workflows, Management. High ROI, low-cost. Our study of failures and foibles of normal collaboration and enterprise management, allow us to quickly consult, construct and execute an operational plan for your organization.

C) Value-added Services

Because we understand productivity, we can often provide services in ongoing tasks for your business less expensively than you could and avoid the ongoing management issues involved in creating or servicing specific projects.

Coming Soon:

iPad App, HTML5 version of the webapp, Android App (in that order). The app currently works as a simple webapp across all mobile platforms.

Corporate Description is a wholly-owned division of Newsinator LLC (formerly Twain Partners) and was founded in 1998.

The division was originally founded to solve change management issues using the cloud. Typical problems such as launching a new product, managing distant staff and their competing priorities, making email a power-tool and not a sinkhole. And this is when we became social. 

The original name in fact was simply "", and unaffectionately mispronounced often when minimized to its acronym WRUWO. [Still functioning by the way.] Cool kids were told of the name change.

As we grew more integrated into the workflow of divisions of corporate America, we thought clients would take less offense of actual work product being reduced to mere tasks, than the overlording original name suggesting managers are watching every move (which managers can do, using our system).'s main staff is a core of 5 developers and trainers, a Productivity officer, and a client service rep. The division is currently seeking a CEO and is being spun out from its parent. The parent company has 30 clients and is profitable.

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