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Product Description

Stone Cobra’s Engagement Apps are “built on the shoulders of giants” leveraging all the value from the various existing Systems of Record and adds into the mix the best practice processes, closed-loop feedback, point-in-the-flow interactions, modern user experience,  productive, and most importantly –engaging- software that understands the human being sitting behind the computer. With the focus on innovative and engaging interactions, Stone Cobra’s Engagement Apps are deeply collaborative, highly effective, and astoundingly efficient.


Through growth, acquisition, transition, politics and budgeting concerns companies end up with multiple Systems of Record that they need to cobble together to make work for their business. Whether it is the departmental battle for “owning the record”, striving to have the best of breed or the mentality that homegrown solutions are the right direction, the end result is the same: the support agent and customer suffer the consequences.

Stone Cobra developed our applications after years of working with companies that had not one but 4 CRMs, more ‘knowledge’ repositories than they knew how to count, the order lifecycle transitioning through five different systems and of course, the desire for a productive, unified service desktop that engaged their agents leading to higher C-Sat. After years of helping companies solve this problem over and over again, it was clear that there was opportunity for something new, something better, something that would make it transparent to the support agent what systems were underneath their work, something that would eliminate rework and automatically perform all the mundane tasks.


Stone Cobra’s Engagement Apps overlays and complements the CRM, KM, Community, and other critical enterprise Systems of Records providing a unified interaction layer that enables individuals to take advantage of the large investments customers have made to-date while advancing the capabilities beyond that of any one system. The Engagement Apps utilize the various Systems of Record to perform work behind the scenes while Stone Cobra’s Engagement Apps focus on controlling how the various entities are Engaged resulting in the best customer experience possible. Regardless of what CRM, Enterprise Knowledge Management, Communities, Order Management or other Systems of Record used, Stone Cobra’s Engagement Apps can enable proper focus on the right information at the right time supporting the best experience for the end customers.

Stone Cobra’s Engagement Apps do not focus on holding the data, as Systems of Record often do. Instead Stone Cobra’s Engagement Apps focus on what to do with the information and how to display the relevant information available since the various Systems of Record have a sea of data for agents to consume and evaluate. Engaging the user with the right information at the right time, enables a better, more productive, effective customer experience.



Corporate Description

Stone Cobra provides award-winning software for world-class Service & Support Organizations. Our products and solutions align organizations with industry best practices and market-leading technology. Our expertise earned us the Innovator Award for thought leadership in the area of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), and expert speaking engagements at the industry’s leading cloud computing event. With the release of Stone Cobra's Engagement Apps, BlackCRM and PIIT Viper, Stone Cobra is redefining world-class service and support.


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