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Product Description

The Selfservice Company has invested around 40 man years in its core technology resulting in a customer  information hub which is able to give customers a single relevant answer, based on natural language processing, customer profile, behavioural targeting, device and other contextually sensitive information. We achieve an above90% accuracy score in answering online customers’ question, in an automated manner.

If needed, and in accordance with business rules, the automated dialogue can be transferred to a live agent (via chat, email or phone). The platform will handover the selfservice history to the live agent, resulting in  an excellent and seamless customer experience.

Corporate Description

The main goal of The Selfservice Company is to optimize online customer experience and to help consumers find and use relevant information online.  The Selfservice Company has been a leading provider of Virtual Assistant technology for the last 6 years. Now with additional offices in the UK and Germany, The Selfservice Company is working with a large number of international companies by providing Virtual Assistants that can recognize and answer customer questions based on natural language processing. This is typically initiated by starting an automated dialogue with a focus on providing a single answer to any question instead of either  an FAQ list response, or a ‘no results found’  approach which puts stress on the customer.

The Selfservice Company has been selected by Gartner as a’ Cool Vendor’ in the CRM space and is also recognized by Gartner as a leading provider in Virtual Assistant technology. Gartner, Forrester and Deloitte all have produced articles and reports extolling the virtues of this type of technology for truly customer-oriented companies; and expect this to be a $400m market over the next 5 years.

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