Company: SalesNexus
Address: 800.862.0134 – 713.862.0001 600 N. Shepherd, Suite 301 – Houston, TX 77007

Product Description

SalesNexus is fully featured online CRM and unlimited Email Marketing, all in one solution.

Getting started is easy.  If you use ACT!, Goldmine, Salesforce or other CRMs, all your customers, notes, reminders, sales opportunities, custom fields, etc. are transferred into SalesNexus.

Sharing Customer Information is simple and instantaneous.  Enter notes, schedule reminders, track sales pipeline, capture leads from your website and mine the system using powerful search capability.

Powerful Automation without the 4 month set up process – Setting up multi-step processes that keep your entire team on top of key customers, strategic opportunities and every new lead is simple.

Email Marketing Your Sales Team Will Use – forget about separate systems for email marketing that only get used once a month for all your old dead leads.  This is full featured email marketing with complete analytics and tracking and on-going drip email campaigns right in the hands of your sales team.  Best of all, its unlimited.  Use it all you want and your cost won’t go up.

Mission Critical Support for Everyone  – If your sales team depends on it, then that makes it mission critical.  With SalesNexus, you get mission critical support.  Call us and get a skilled technician on the phone in less than 5 minutes.  Email us and get a response the same day.  Or chat with us all you want.  Its friendly, responsive support you can use all you want and there are no additional charges.

Corporate Description

SalesNexus was founded in 2002 as the first company to offer online hosting of ACT! databases. Today SalesNexus provides online CRM and email marketing to thousands of small and medium sized businesses all over the world. 

SalesNexus was founded by sales people and focuses on solutions for sales people.  We understand that cool technology doesn’t close deals, people do.  That’s why we help every customer tailor SalesNexus to suit the way they work and who they sell to.

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