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Product Description

RO|Enablement was introduced after the RO|Innovation team identified a major gap in the marketplace – marketing departments were working diligently to create materials for sales yet the sales team wasn’t able to find the collateral at the right time. What’s more, sales teams were sending one-off emails to prospects with no visibility or intelligence into whether their emails were even being opened and what attachments were being viewed. So we built a sales force automation technology solution that solved these issues. Today we are one of the easiest to use and most cost-effective solutions on the market.

At the heart of RO|Enablement sales force automation is its ability to deliver high-value collateral to optimize the buy cycle of prospects for both the sales and marketing teams. Put simply, we help sales work faster and more effectively with the following feature set:

  1. Dashboards – dashboards are the quick and easy way for sales to see what marketing assets are available to send to prospects by categories including selling situation, product, keyword and more.
  2. Assets – RO|Enablement is a centralized web-based library to store, tag and organize all company marketing assets. This drastically cuts down on time spent on searches and enables sales teams to easily FIND the right marketing asset for the RIGHT stage in the buy cycle WHEN they need them. Sales can also view recommended assets to see what has been driving success for others and get direct feedback from prospects on the effectiveness of assets sent.
  3. Spotlights – this feature allows sales to save time and take pre-built templates to easily assemble and present information in tailored microsites for prospects catering to prospects stated needs/pain points. Better yet, sales can TRACK and MEASURE exactly what prospects have viewed and when they viewed them for smarter, timely and tailored follow up conversations.
  4. Invitations – invitations save sales teams time spent crafting emails with the ability to send email invitations (pre-written by marketing) to prospects with a link to view the spotlights containing marketing assets. Alerts notify the sales rep when the spotlight has been viewed, who viewed it, and what assets they viewed for greater intelligence on prospect behavior and valuable insight. Invitations can also be sent via social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Integration with CRM – this feature gives sales the power to engage with prospects at the right time without leaving the CRM they already use on a daily basis,, making them more efficient. They can find marketing assets, send spotlights and invitations directly from the CRM, and track the utilization of materials and interest levels of prospects right from the CRM interface.
  6. Mobile App – the mobile app gives sales teams the ability to stay effective no matter where they are. With the mobile sales app compatible with iPad or iPhone4, they can access the sales tools and technology they need to influence prospects close deals, no matter where they are, even when there is no internet connection.

RO|Enablement was designed to be simple and easy to use and include just what sales needs to do their job faster, more efficiently and be more effective with prospects in their buy cycle.

Corporate Description

In 2002, Jim Mooney identified the specific, recurring need for a critical component in the high tech sales cycle—testimonials from actual satisfied customers.

Each time a deal approached closing, he would be asked the question, “Can I speak with one of your customer references?”  Coordinating the reference call was a lengthy process, especially because it often occurred between two busy C-Level executives or involved utilizing the same customer reference over and over. To improve this process, Jim founded RO|Innovation (formerly References-Online), which quickly gained the reputation as the thought-leader in

reference management programs.  RO|Innovation offers a comprehensive reference management application, RO|ReferenceView, and a sales enablement solution, RO|Enablement, that offers an exciting system for enabling sales and marketing to utilize high-impact materials at critical points in the sales cycle for increased prospect engagement.

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RO|Innovation stands alone as your best choice for a results-driven sales enablement and customer reference solution. Why? Our technology, our delivery and our people set us apart.