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Product Description

Relenta is a social CRM, email, contact and task manager. Since 2005, we've been helping small businesses to get things done while keeping things real simple. We give you 80% of functionality with only 20% application weight.


Key features include:

Easy CRM and task managementSee at a glance the activity stream for each relationship, what’s been done, what to do next and who’s responsible. 

Unified inbox for email and social networksKeep email and relevant social network conversations in one unified inbox. Automatically link all messages with contacts. 

Email marketing and lead nurturingCapture leads from email, web forms and social networks  and nurture them with automated email follow-up campaigns. 

One-click zone for getting things doneLook up and update information, respond to messages, delegate tasks and get most things done with a single click. 

Corporate Description

Relenta is a brain child of Dmitri Eroshenko, whose track record since 1996 includes...

  • Creating one of the first online ad management solutions before the "dot com" boom took off
  • Converting an online directory of web hosts months before Google unveiled Ad Words
  • Publishing the first print magazine and producing the first trade show for the web hosting industry
  • Developing a service that helps online marketers detect click fraud before it became a main-stream concern
  • Managing geographically dispersed teams and large editorial, customer, and prospect databases was the experience that has made him passionate about developing the perfect business management and communication solution: Relenta.

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