Company: RelayWare USA
Address: 303 Twin Dolphin Drive 6th Floor Redwood City California 94065 USA
Phone: 1 650 351 9150

Product Description

RelayWare is a cloud-computing solution accessible via any web browser comprising two (or more) user interfaces for internal and external users. RelayWare empowers your internal users as a sophisticated command and control center providing a more effective, efficient and cost effective way to manage your sales channels and implement your channel programs. Meanwhile, RelayWare’s integrated partner portal provides your channel partners and end-customers with the information, tools and resources they need to collaborate and sell.  It is a conduit for your marketing communications and a means of driving and monitoring channel interaction.


Corporate Description

RelayWare is an established enterprise software provider headquartered in Redwood Shores, California and Oxford, United Kingdom with offices in Singapore. Owned and managed by industy channel management experts with many decades of experience in the field, RelayWare enables vendors to better manage their channel partner sales, marketing and associated business operations activities – increasing efficiency, effectiveness, partner loyalty and performance and thereby improving profitability and reducing cost of sale.

Our technology powers some of the world’s leading partner programs and has played a part in helping our customers achieve revenue and market share growth through partner performance optimization.

We achieve this for our customers through RelayWare, the world’s most advanced purpose-built Partner Relationship Management software system used by sales and marketing professionals worldwide. Delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service), RelayWare enables companies to address the complexity of an indirect channel sales model by providing a broad range of partner sales, marketing, operations and reporting tools with an integrated partner portal.

A powerful, simple to use, low cost, on-demand suite of software that will integrate with existing systems, RelayWare meets the needs of the global enterprise company through to the smaller regional business. Today RelayWare provides our clients with a secure scalable system that manages millions of customers, via over 300,000 partners worldwide in 34 languages.

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