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Address: 1700 Redbud Blvd. Suite 120 McKinney, TX 75069
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Product Description


PhaseWare Tracker is a crucial tool in the customer support arsenal, providing an affordable and highly scalable solution that enhances customer satisfaction, increases support staff productivity, and reduces costs.

  • Manage customer, contact, and incident information
  • Streamline workflow and knowledge management
  • Leverage the MS Outlook interface for email customer support
  • Create, re-allocate, over-ride, and monitor unlimited Support Level Agreement (SLA) packages
  • Monitor first call resolution rate and billing accuracy
  • Collaborate with and rate outside parties
  • Classify tickets and coordinate incidents into a single project
  • Bridge communications between vendors and end-users
  • Quickly build a fully searchable knowledgebase
  • Create unlimited security groups with customized settings and authorizations
  • Produce a wide range of management reports
  • Customize screen graphics without programming
  • Scale to fit your business, no matter what size
  • Integrate with billing applications, sales automation tools, and inventory or asset management systems
  • Available models:  licensed client server, hosted ASP, web-based (SaaS), and Mobile

Increase support agent productivityWith a click of a tab, your agents can view all relevant customer information and incident history. Incidents can be quickly entered and resolved or easily escalated. SLA and billing information is at the agent’s fingertips. Tight integration with MS Outlook provides single click ticket creation and journal entry from email.

Monitor KPIs in real-timeUsing Tracker’s Dashboard, you can track SLA success and incident information with up-to-the-minute information on incidents over any time period. Dashboards can be saved and used anytime.

Secure your informationCustomize user authorization levels. One set of users may be allowed access only to information from their department while others have access to information across multiple departments.

Never miss a promised follow-upEnter a follow-up into the system when creating the incident. It will appear in the appropriate day’s list of contacts to make.

Track multiple instances of the same issue

Incidents that impact multiple customers can be grouped together and managed as a larger incident project.

Complete incident loop From ticket entry to closure all activity is tracked in an audit trail. No matter how complex, Tracker keeps the incident and all attending documentation accessible to the agent.

Keep track of products, assets, and activation keysStore this important data down to the component level and by customer. Track serial numbers, product location, and licenses.

Find your information fastTracker includes multiple ways to find contact, customer, and incident information. Customize your screen to flag details. Perform searches using any information available to pull up the complete record. A customer with multiple locations or a contact for multiple customers can be associated easily.

Corporate Description

PhaseWare is a privately owned software firm and a leading provider of Customer Service and Support software applications optimized for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) to deliver robust and financially viable solutions. The company was founded in 2005 when the principals recognized that SMB’s were underserved by the Customer Service and Support technology vendors. Their existing applications were designed for large enterprises, expensive for the value realized, and built on architectural platforms that were expensive to setup and maintain.

PhaseWare designed its products in partnership with an advisory group of seasoned Customer Support experts at leading firms, the Help Desk Institute, and IT Service & Support organizations. The PhaseWare Trackerä, suite of products is uniquely designed to accelerate the implementation of tailored solutions, which are delivered in either an On-Site or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. PhaseWare solutions are financially viable for the smallest firm and robust enough for the largest firm. 

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