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Company: Antharia, LLC
Address: Antharia, LLC 9470 Annapolis Road, Ste. 406 Lanham, MD 20706
Phone: 240.296.3424

Product Description

Not just contact management, but complete relationship management!  Believing it is not just who you have in your database but how you relate them and the relationships you create, onView is a comprehensive and complete relationship management (CRM) system.  From managing your day-to-day contact directory to all the subtle nuances and complexities of Memberships, onView is installed with a base set of over 240 fields and is fully customizable to meet your needs.

A robust database driven solution a few featured highlights include:

  • Secure access to your contacts from anywhere on the web.  
  • Create a complete profile of your donor, member, volunteer, or constituent and view a real-time history of their transactions, communications and activity.
  • Many to many relationships: create Institution to Institution relationships (Parent/Affiliate) and then relate them back to their human.
  • Can be integrated with legacy systems such as Raisers Edge 7.
  • Store and segment unlimited information key to your organization and your relationships with your constituents.

Corporate Description

Founded in 1993, Antharia is a woman-owned company, and home to the award winning Website Management System (WMS) FortyFourFish.  With headquarters just outside Washington, DC and a satellite office in the San Francisco/Bay Area, Antharia serves nonprofit and conscious corporations.

With a core focus on usability and analytics, Antharia has produced a number of award winning websites and applications for clients ranging from the Humane Society of the United States to the Society for the Advancement for Injury Research.  

A rich and diverse SaaS System FortyFourFish houses a complete suite:

  • onContent: Content Management (CMS)
  • onView: Contact Management (CRM)
  • onDeposit: Ecommerce & Donations
  • onEvent: Event Registration & Management
  • onDelivery: Email Marketing



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