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Company: Negoxia
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Product Description

A modular and flexible suite with great process automation and an amazing interface. From SOHO to corporate applications.

The primary purpose of Negoxia CRM software is to manage all aspects of the  relationship with existing and prospective customers. Also vendors and casual contacts.

The second purpose is to integrate all information used by the enterprise personnel in one comfortable interface, where the information is always available. Easy, quick and simple.

The third is to automate as much as possible, providing speed and accuracy, releasing human and material resources to be applied in more creative activities.

Negoxia CRM is a SaaS solution which can also be installed locally in customer premises. It can works in both worlds, but we encourage our customers to use it on demand.

Negoxia CRM has the following modules:

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Communications Center: mail, SMS & chat.
  • Knowledge Management
  • Management Intelligence 
  • User Management
  • Sales Administration, including Inventory Management & Billing
  • eCommerce integration
  • Customer Service
  • Workflows

One of the strongest points is its practical interface, which optimizes like no other, the screen space to simplify user interaction and the amount of meaningful information showed.

Probably no other CRM software in this category has this revolutionary screens design. Also enterprise processes and job methods can be implemented easily and quickly, based on the modern underlined software architecture.

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