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Product Description

MediaFunnel’s social media dashboard for businesses and other organizations provides the following benefits:
Brand Protection - with MediaFunnel’s editorial control feature, social media managers can optimize their team’s outbound social media activity.  They can also protect their organization’s brands by modifying or rejecting any submitted content that could potentially have a negative impact on a brand’s reputation.
Increased Traffic Generation -  MediaFunnel´s collaborative platform along with its scheduler functionality helps organizations to more consistently drive people to blogs and other Web properties -- sites that have calls to action for turning visitors into leads.
Real Time Customer Service - With MediaFunnel’s 24/7 background monitoring and associated alerts about relevant Twitter activity, organizations can quickly respond to customer questions and issues.
Improved Engagement - Organizations can engage prospects, customers and partners on a variety social media platforms in real time, thereby improving existing relationships and build new relationships.
MediaFunnel not only integrates with social media sites, but also with popular business cloud applications such as Salesforce and Zendesk.
Clients include IBM, Agilent, Kaiser Permanente, Boingo, the Charlotte Observer and Money Magazine.

Corporate Description

MediaFunnel was founded in 2009 by Andreas Wilkens and Steve Chipman.  The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Andreas is a European entrepreneur and founder of Companity Group in Germany. Steve is the founder of Lexnet Consulting Group, a Bay Area-based CRM value added reseller.
MediaFunnel was designed to address the fact that corporate social media participation has changed from the one person "social media rock star" to an established part of daily business in which teams of employees are involved. Because of this change, there are new challenges facing organizations. These challenges include brand protection, staff efficiency and the ability to respond to prospects & customers, no matter where they communicate from.
MediaFunnel’s goal is to provide organizations with a high value-to-price social media dashboard tool which allows these organizations to securely and effectively manage their social media presence.

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