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Company: Jibe Company
Address: Jibe Company HQ Esp 401 5633 AJ Eindhoven The Netherlands

Product Description

Jibe's Social Brand Builder provides the essential insights and marketing functionality to build an open Brand with an engaged Community.

The Social Brand Builder analytics engine transforms data from various networks -web, mail, social media, locations and connected devices- into meaningful and actionable insights trough the integrated dashboard.

Meaningful and versatile Key Performance Indicators are based on proven frameworks and best practices, and categorized by

  1. Fan Score : focussing on the profile and value-add of a business-related community
  2. Marketing Score : focussing on the effectivity of the marketing, communication and customer service efforts 
  3. Business Score : focussing on the conversion performance towards the intended business goals

From the various insights and KPI's powerful and condensed reports are compiled, addressing 

  • overall brand performance : community, brand, marketing and business results (including ranking compared to peers and competitors)
  • event evaluation : visitors, fans, sentiment, word of mouth
  • campaign reports : reach, influencers, sentiment and impact
  • conversation reports : reach, influencers, sentiment and impact
  • sales reports : value add to business objectives, trending products, conversion rates and demographics

Consultancy services are provided to tailor the reports to the company profile, type of business and context.

The Social Brand Builder comes with a variety of extensions to increase presence, marketing effectiveness and commerce.

These extensions include support for building online presence, cross-platform content management, direct and social media marketing, webcare, eCommerce and targeted advertising.

Corporate Description

Jibe Company is an innovative IT company with a proven track record in delivering business monitoring, online marketing and ecommerce solutions.
Our mission is to enable companies opening up their brand for doing business with a highly empowered consumer through effective & efficient IT-solutions.

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