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Product Description

JaguarTPM is a revolution product for CPG companies because it brings together all of the critical elements necessary to manage your business in a single view.  With JaguarTPM your sales and marketing teams have a complete and single view of a customer!  Simply opening the account shows, who the contacts at the organization are, what products they are authorized to purchase, volume forecasts by product SKU or product group, trade promotions with claims and settlements and merchandising activities.  The reporting capabilities of JaguarTPM allow for an organization to get a rolled up view of data enabling you to analyze how your business is doing and then provides the ability to drill down and review a specific account, product, territory or account manager.  JaguarTPM is a fiscally responsible investment with immediate ROI.  Deployed in a Software as a Service model, there are no hardware or technical investments required beyond a web browser.  The most effective and efficient way to manage your CCPG business is with JaguarTPM.

Corporate Description

JaguarTPM develops and delivers the next generation of sales, marketing and service solutions for Consumer Product companies.  JaguarTPM provides these solutions in the Food and Beverage, Wine and Spirits, Health and Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Candy and Confectionary, Household Products, Apparel and Accessories, Pet Products and others.  JaguarTPM customers come from ventures and emerging brands, small and mid size consumer product companies and CPG focused private equity firms.  Our core product, JaguarTPM is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provides an elegant solution to the complex world of managing distributors, brokers, retailers and Trade Promotion Management.  JaguarQ, provides a system to manage the quality and service levels associated with customers and consumers.  JaguarAnswers, provides an analytics solution to deliver answers from the vast quantity of information generated by customers and consumers.

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