Company: InvisibleCRM
Address: 650 Castro street, Ste 120/385 Mountain View, CA, 94041 USA
Phone: +1 (650) 450 9487

Product Description

InvisibleBridge is the innovative product that that facilitates integration of CRM environment with personal tools people use every day. These include Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Windows environment, etc. 

InvisibleBridge consists of five sub-products: OutlookBridge, LotusBridge, FolderBridge, AlertsBridge and ContextBridge. Together they make up InvisibleCRM’s innovative integration product, designed to increase usability, productivity and user adoption.

By automating enterprise data entry and management, providing full bi-directional synchronization and offline access to the required data at any time, customer relationship management has never been easier!

Corporate Description

InvisibleCRM is a developer of products engineered to integrate Personal and Enterprise environments.

The goal is to increase user adoption and ROI of enterprise applications by seamlessly integrating them into the way businesspeople work every day. These products enable users to work with their customer and corporate information, without leaving their favorite applications – Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Windows and other environments.

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InvisibleCRM presentation deck demoed on CRM Idol: InvisibleBridge
added 2 years 18 weeks ago

This is the presentation that we used for our demo on CRM Idol.

InvisibleBridge-based CRM to Outlook integration by InvisibleCRM
added 2 years 20 weeks ago

This presentation demonstrates of some of the features available as a result of CRM to Outlook integration that is built on top of the InvisibleBridge technology.

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Hi Richard, thanks for your

Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. In this particular case with Fusion you're probably right, and this is partially due to the Fusion specifics...

by opetrik on Fusion CRM for Outlook built on top of the InvisibleBridge (by InvisibleCRM) 2 years 16 weeks ago
Outlook integration of Fusion CRM

Very impressive integration, but in my opinion the Fusion CRM User Interface inside Outlook is very crowded to the point of being unfriendly,...

by opetrik on Fusion CRM for Outlook built on top of the InvisibleBridge (by InvisibleCRM) 2 years 16 weeks ago