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Product Description

As we all know, “social selling” is much more effective than cold calls. The massive adoption of social networks offer a fantastic opportunity to map your relationships and spot instant opportunities to increase revenues.

IKO System is a powerful sales intelligence system to do the job and push actionable data to:

  • ease your sales process and prospect acquisition
  • accelerate contract closing
  • jump up on sales opportunities
  • secure clients against competition.

IKO System is unique on the market because it leverages social relationships and innovative technology to fit with the best practices of sales process.

The ROI is based on these three achievements:

Achievement 1: A contact database for success

  • Merge all your networks into one (without duplicates, business is much easier!)
  • Get up-to-date contact and company data in your CRM (people move and phone numbers are rapidly outdated)
  • Check live paths of introduction to reach targets in minutes with warm sponsoring
  • Identify all executives in companies
  • Experience more efficient meetings (break the ice with common relationships and suggest introductions to spotted targets)


Achievement 2: Easy prospects and magic leads

  • Search with multiple criteria to find new contacts or companies to prospects
  • Filter reachable leads (because you have a Facebook friend or a partner in common)
  • Receive recurring searches (new leads popping up in the morning !)
  • Access 100m+ of qualified contacts and millions of companies (from micro to large companies)
  • Enjoy leads generated by artificial intelligence (you even do not have to express your needs)


Achievement 3: Market insights and competitive intelligence

  • Unmask your contact’s relationships, influencers and corporate insiders (to close complex deals)
  • Raise a contact relationships for new introductions (be a viral business developer: IKO System checks if your contact can lead you to valuable targets)
  • Swim in large organizations (competitors have spent months isolating the right contacts: you have them right away)
  • Focus on top partners (IKO System tells you who are your most efficient relationships and the best partners to work with)
  • See the prospects of your competitors (avoid or fight in competitive landscapes, it’s your choice)
  • Secure your clients (competitive threat alerts when a competitor meets your client)

Corporate Description

IKO System has been founded with a strong vision that social relationships would dramatically change the way professionals address sales, marketing, human resources or investments. The two initial founders complement backgrounds of corporate restructuring and web information security.

Our corporate philosophy aims at balancing key intelligence data and personal privacy.

Headquartered in Paris (France), the company has received significant seed funding and enjoys 2000 international customers with leading brands and cutting edge sales forces.

The company has built agreements and partnerships with leading companies in the fields of social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo), Cloud services (Google,  Kwaga), Security audit (Lexsi) and CRM (, Microsoft, Oracle).

We offer a free API to partners who imagine embedding our data into their application.

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