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Product Description

The Fuze Suite is a unique social business software solution that blends several different multi-channel support, online community, feedback management and idea sharing technologies that enable organizations to focus, measure and motivate broad and selective internal and external stakeholder participation to incrementally improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s entire ecosystem over time.

Our highly granular reputation engine, supported using our patent-pending technology filed with the USPTO in 2008, serves as the foundation for measuring and motivating desired stakeholder contributions and is deeply built into our knowledge base and across all community content.  Our reputation engine is unique and fundamental to our offering.

From optimizing self-service and assisted-service support (for customers, staff, partners, etc.), to proactively using real world insights to improve operations, products and services, the Fuze Suite enables organizations to incrementally leverage their individual and collective horsepower when, where, how and with whom it makes sense for the organization. The Fuze Suite can be used to replace any multi-channel support and/or online community software and organizations only pay for what they use, fluctuating concurrent user counts and functionality monthly as needed. The Fuze Suite can run hosted (99.99 + % uptime since 2002) or on-premise and can even be licensed and run in cloud-based services like Amazon's EC2 service or Microsoft's Azure.

The Fuze Suite has been engineered to flexibly integrate with any software using our web services and we are in the process of getting certified as a Salesforce AppExchange partner.

Corporate Description

FuzeDigital was founded in June, 2002 with $150,000 in friends and family investment.  Most of our company is owned by employees.  We are frequently approached by investors, but we have elected to not take on additional investment so that our team can retain control of FuzeDigital and operate it within our core values, which serve as the foundation for everything we do. 

We have been profitable every year since 2003.  We are cash flow positive on a recurring revenue basis, have no debt and have ample cash available.  We have close to 200 customers in virtually every industry and over 97% of our customers resign with us, which is especially impressive since we welcome month-by-month agreements.  We are focused on controlled and self-sustaining growth by developing long-term partnerships with organizations whose objectives and expectations align with our core values and product strategy.

Customers include NPR, CareerBuilder, Expedia, NOAA, THQ, Oregon Health & Sciences University, over 20 AAA clubs and many financial institutions,  We believe that the diversity of the markets we serve around the world (in over 15 languages) helps us perpetually evolve our offering by serving the needs and nuances of virtually every demographic and level of technical expertise.

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