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Product Description

Why choose Efficy?

Efficy CRM presents smart innovations that make all the difference in daily use.

At Efficy, we consider that every customer is unique and deserves a solution adapted to their own way of working. That’s why Efficy provides a personal approach by offering an entirely customizable framework that each user can adapt at any time to their needs and requirements. Forms, tables, lists or settings can be modified and users may choose to dedicate custom fields to each screen.

Thanks to its fast, clear web interface, Efficy CRM is really easy to manipulate. Integrated with theusual office suites (Word, Excel, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Mac Mail, Open Office,…), whatever the platform or the browser is, Efficy CRM adapts to each and everyone’s preferences and offers the total freedom to manage it from A to Z. It’s all integrated!

Efficy CRM also allows users to find information in a blink by using Google style searches present in each module. This “Google-like” research style is easy to use from the users’ perspective and is most powerful to find any record!

Thanks to the “zero maintenance architecture”, any upgrade completely integrates every custom development made for Efficy customers. This technology allows users and customers to upgrade without any technical operation needed. This guarantees a low cost of ownership and the best protection for our customers’ investments as well as an up-to-date state-of-the-art version for the users.

Corporate Description

The story of Efficy begins in 1999, when Invemaco buys two companies that have been selling CRM software programs in Benelux and France for over 10 years. The company moves more and more toward CRM consultancy. They become CRM pioneers in Europe and install CRM solutions for prestigious customers like The Belgian Post and ABN Amro.


In 2005, new stockholders arrive with new capital andthe ambition to switch from consulting to software editing. A CRM software is launched the next year and seduces France as well as the Netherlands: Efficy CRM is born!

In 2007, after one year of existence, Efficy is selected Best Buy CRM by Datanews and convinces more than 100 customers (5000 users) in Belgium and the Netherlands.


In 2011, Efficy acquires theFrench company NextApplication. The new company operates from Brussels with partner network in the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. 


Today, Efficy and their partners totalize a turnover of 6M€ with 70 dedicated CRM specialists at service of their 700 customers.  15 000 users all over the world get the best of it every day.  

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