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Product Description

Dovetail Support Suite leverages the best available web technology to offer comprehensive and flexible customer and employee service and support capabilities.  The application can be deployed on-premise or hosted.  In either case it is easy to implement, integrate, use and maintain. 

Out-of-the-Box features include:  

  • Definable Workflows
  • Multi-Channel Access
  • An Event-based Rule Engine to monitor all system activity and ensure compliance with corporate policies, procedures and service delivery agreements
  • Query, Search and Reporting facilities to make it easy to obtain desired information from the application
  • An ownership paradigm to ensure accountability
  • Support for Internationalization and Localization
  • An Audit Trail to track every event in the lifecycle of a case 

Dovetail Support Suite is designed to adapt quickly to changing business requirements, allowing suitably privileged users to configure and change application behavior easily and without any need for programming skills.  Unlike traditional legacy systems or multi-tenant SaaS offerings, the application can also be extensively customized in an upgrade-safe way. 

Dovetail Support Suite provides the ability to capture issue-related knowledge in a way that ensures it will be easy to reuse and keep current, and available to deliver precise insight into service-related activities and KPIs.  This issue-related knowledge will always be unique to the organization, obtainable only via case management.  We designed the application to support the KCS methodology, which specifically targets knowledge creation within the case workflow.  Cases are linked to solutions, available for use by CSRs at any stage of their development, and typically published to the self service portal for use by customers or employees following an approval process. 

Case Management and Knowledge Management work together in a tiered service delivery model:  workflow moves from the employee through the generalist CSR to the specialist or SME, while knowledge is typically created by the SME and flows down through the generalist and eventually to the self service portal.  Access to knowledge 24x7 empowers the customer or employee.  The process maximizes the efficiency of the service organization, because it is never asked to solve the same problem twice.  CSRs can be effective beyond their individual areas of expertise.   And management obtains actionable insight into trends as well as the ability to prioritize product or service enhancements based on actual demand.

Dovetail Support Suite offers a Self Service portal as well as the ability to call APIs for Self Service functions from within an existing customer or employee portal.  The specific functions we deliver OOB include:  the ability for customers or employees to check on the status and review the history of any case being handled on their behalf; the ability to add notes to such a case and to engage in conversation with the support organization using this mechanism; the ability to search for published knowledge articles [Solutions] using a powerful, Google-like engine; and the ability to create a new case where desired results are not found.  Additional functions can easily be added using other APIs.

Corporate Description

Dovetail Software is a leader in web-based software that provides organizations with powerful tools for effective customer and employee support.  Founded in 1995, Dovetail is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas.
Dovetail's dedication to delivering the best in quality customer service has been its top priority from the beginning.  Dovetail earns customer trust and loyalty by consistently exceeding expectations.  In a recent, independent survey of customers:

  • 100% of respondents described themselves as Dovetail Software "champions"
  • 100% of respondents described themselves as "likely to recommend" us to others
  • 100% of respondents described themselves as "likely to repurchase" and
  • 100% of respondents described themselves as "very satisfied" with the product and the company.

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