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Product Description

Brick Street Connect is an enterprise-level system for managing high-volume outbound communications.  Deployed in-house or in a virtual private cloud, Connect helps businesses successfully engage and communicate with their customers across any channel including email, SMS, mobile apps, and social media. Customers get personalized, targeted, and timely communications. The result is trust, loyalty, and enthusiasm for your company.

Email Marketing and More!

Conversation management with Connect allows you to engage with your audience using any channel.

Multi-channel Messaging

Connect supports messaging to any delivery channel:

  • Email
  • SMS (SMPP)
  • Secure delivery to databases and message queues
  • iPhone / iPad push notifications (APNS)
  • Android C2DM push notifications
  • Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks
  • Fax

Clicks, opens, bounces, responses, conversions and opt-outs are tracked across all channels, giving you real-time visibility into customer behavior.

Intelligent bounce handling makes sure your message is delivered by redirecting bounced messages to an alternate delivery channel.

More secure and more scalable

Connect can be deployed in your data centers, or in a private cloud, giving you full control over your data.

Connect deployments support multiple messaging clusters to provide massive scalability and configurable qualities of service.

Superior integration and automation

Connect is designed for enterprise environments where integration with line-of-business systems is key.

Connect supports data integration through high-speed bulk loads, database linking, message queues, and web services.

Triggered messaging and campaign automation options allow you to set up “lights out” marketing campaigns that respond in real time to customer behavior.

Flexible pricing and service options

Connect is ideal for organizations that need to manage communications to large numbers of customers.

Our flexible pricing and service options allow you escape from CPM pricing models and to transition gradually from outsourced vendors as you build in-house capabilities.

Reduce costs by:

  • Sending unlimited messages – scalable to any volume
  • Replacing outsourced communication services.
  • Improving the frequency and effectiveness of your outbound customer communicationswithout increasing costs or staff.

Enhance Your Reputation by:

  • Engaging in a timely and meaningful dialog with your customers.
  • Providing consistent communication that your customer can rely on.
  • Using your customers’ preferred communication channel.

Increase Sales Opportunities by:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Capturing customer information through surveys and follow up campaigns.
  • Tracking leads and conversions through reporting and campaign management.

Corporate Description

Brick Street Software provides enterprise level solutions for cross-channel marketing that help some of the world’s most successful companies connect with their audience.  Brick Street acquired the suite of marketing solutions from KANA Software, Inc. in 2008.  With a background in marketing, customer service software and custom development, the Brick Street team has quickly become a trusted partner for each of our customers with creative innovation, agile development, and a relentless passion for client success.

Chris Maeda is Brick Street’s Founder, President, and CEO. Chris was EVP and CTO of KANA Software from 2001 to 2004. Prior to KANA, he co-founded Rubric Software in Silicon Valley in 1997, where he led the team that developed the original EMA application. Rubric was acquired by Broadbase Software in 2000, and Broadbase was acquired by KANA in 2001. Chris has a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon and a BS in computer science from MIT.

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