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Product Description

Blitz, named after the philosophy of Quality: Kaizen Blitz & Six Sigma principles; that once can do things efficiently and effectively focusing on customers;  it’s a workflow based customizable CRM Modular solution, that focuses on building Customer 360º relationships, supports all aspects of servicing from orders, requests, claims, complaints and simple comments, yielding all channel of potential interactions, leveraging form self-servicing features to bring the customer closer.

Using the customer as the main focus, we use webservices/apis to easily integrate with the business core platforms to build the 360º view bringing into a single view the billing, collection, & order status together with those of support native served.

Most of the development has been done in-house by our team of developers and consultants in Perù and have been improved it to meet new ways to communicate and to serve customer in different channels like the social arena and to provide mobile accessibility to not only to track but to serve with a multimodal architecture.

We use a CMS Portal to enhance the platform with the self-servicing features using a cloud architecture with a mixed internet/intranet version to leverage from both concepts, and to bring new features such as email marketing, and prospect/lead management.

Today, our integrated version has a tree fold architecture from Intranet Back Office Platform, Portal CMS Self-Servicing, Channel Manager with Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS bi-directional communications makes it powerful and quite unique view of how to integrate SERVICE AND SUPPORT CICLE regardless of the customer ubiquity.

Corporate Description

Performance Solutions is a 7 year old located in Lima, Perù; that is a consulting firm that has developed a process-focused CRM Customer Service Platform: Blitz, heavily emphasizing in the flexibility of process customization to meet each individual Business needs in order to blend the solution into the main stream of the business. We have built this product based on our experience in the Service Industry from Banking to Telco to Retailing and with the focus of six sigma quality and principles.

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