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Company: B-kin
Address: Estartetxe 5 - 503 48940 Leioa SPAIN
Phone: +34656781524

Product Description

B-kin Market Interact is an on-demand service focused on helping medium-sized companies to create an integrated view on their sales and marketing efforts. It is a powerful but flexible CRM platform. It covers the traditional areas of sales force management, marketing automation, and case management, but it is unique in creating online a shared environment for sales and marketing information and digital communications.

The customer is at the center of B-kin Market Interact, and from there you can reach all the elements that support the flow of interactions with the customer: sales force activities, quotes, invoices, contracts, cases, shared documents, campaign and one-to-one emails, SMS messages, online registrations and surveys…

For the marketing professional, B-kin Market Interact offers a multichannel communication tool, with measurable results, and an online platform for the creation and publication of landing pages, micro sites, and online surveys. B-kin Market Interact also includes multiple tools for advanced and dynamic segmentation, based on multiple user-defined customer attributes.

Corporate Description

B-kin is based in Spain, where we have been pioneering SaaS since 2001. Our main task is to evolve and adapt our online service B-kin Market Interact to the needs of medium-sized companies. We bring to the market our strong believe on the value propositions of SaaS and of the integrated view on marketing, multi-channel communications, and sales, what we call market interaction management.

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CRM Idol Demo: B-kin Market Interact landing pages as Facebook App
added 2 years 16 weeks ago

B-kin Market Interact allows the marketing user to create and publish landing pages in a convenient way, from the same online environment that enables the management of multichannel digital communication campaigns. Landing pages can be very useful to communicate specific campaign-related messages to our market.