ACT! for Lotus Notes

Company: Vigilus LLC
Phone: 203-312-9675

Product Description

ACT! for Lotus Notes (AFN) is a single, extremely flexible Lotus Notes application that enables Users to organize, track, access and share detailed contact and customer information via a Notes client, standard web browser and Mobile devices.

ACT! for Lotus Notes (AFN) offers a simple user interface with many powerful features that can be accessed by advanced Users. With a low cost licensing fee and annual maintenance as well as multiple platforms, the AFN ROI is compelling. It is a native Notes database, and is thus already integrated and compatible with our existing IT security and infrastructure. Roll-out of AFN can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. 

The administrative controls and options allow us to tailor AFN to meet our client's various needs now and as they develop additional needs.  It is not unusual for a client to request a feature, only to find out that it is already available, just by changing a setting.

Some key features include:

  • Seamless integration with Lotus Notes email and address books 
  • Robust and flexible Role-based Security - user access to documents can be controlled at any required level :  division, business line, role 
  • Call Reports
  • Track Opportunities and Forecasts in real time 
  • Targeted Marketing 
  • Reporting - Pull data from AFN and Create Reports with MS Word and Excel
  • Off-line (disconnected from server) and Web Interface 
  • Will work on ANY Mobile device

Impact on Business 

  • Standardized, automated reporting
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy in tracking opportunities and forecasts in real time 
  • Activity/Opportunity  Reports formatted in Word and Excel 
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Seamlessly fits right into the Lotus Notes environment

Corporate Description

Vigilus LLC  is a Lotus Notes development and consulting organization since 1993 and an IBM Business Partner, with clients in North America, China, Europe, South America and Australia. Our core competency is in developing , deploying and supporting CRM applications for Lotus Notes, Web and Mobile users. 

Our organization's  mission/philosophy centers on customer care - our client retention remains high - we rarely lose a customer to a competitor. We make it a point to respond to each and every customer call - The bulk of our enhancements come from the "Front Line Feedback" from our Customers/users.

We believe that most CRM solutions pretty much offer a similar set of features, give or take.  The real trick is to "wrap" the software solution around a set of agreed-upon business processes. Towards that end, we make sure, prior to deployment that we understand the organization, the business model, the specific challenges to that client and what they expect  using ACT! for Notes to achieve.  One size does not fit all.

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