Company: ABCrm
Address: Zuidlangeweg 2, 4796 SB Oudemolen The Netherlands
Phone: (0)23 8553762

Product Description

Create an account and off you go! No 1000 and 1 settings and functionalities but start with what you need and turn functionality/modules on when you need it (or never). Keep it simple and clean for a clear price, that’s what ABCm is all about.

Corporate Description

ABCrm, a Dutch based company  started in 2002 with a CRM solution for big companies. Since 2008 it’s focuses on a SaaS solution specially for the small and midsized companies. This means a solutions which is easy to use, a competitive price and no complex training or settings. Currently more than 1.500 companies have signed up for the free or paied version of ABCm.  

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