Welcome to CRM Idol 2011: the Open Season. The competition begins!!

For the next several weeks, an esteemed judges panel from the Americas – Paul Greenberg, Esteban Kolsky, Denis Pombriant, Jesus Hoyos and Brent and from EMEA – Paul Greenberg (again), Silvana Buljan, Laurence Buchanan and Mark Tamis – will be viewing and reviewing a total of 59 contestants for the quality of their product, the vision of their company, the presentation that they are making and a variety of other factors.  At the end of varying timeframes, semi-finalists and finalists will be chosen and CRM Idol will get to the choosing of a winner from each of the Americas and EMEA. 

Watch all the action here and jump in with your opinion too.   In this section, you will find all the reviews of the CRM Idol participants and a way to comment on each of them. You will also find, when the time is right, the finalists videos for you to comment on and vote on.  What you say on the reviews will weigh in the judges’ decisions on who makes the semi-finals and who makes the finals and who wins, so please jump in.

To do that, register on the site (see the upper right of your screen) and let ‘er rip. Tell us what you think about the companies that we’ve reviewed.  We are counting on your thinking on these to help shape the decisions.

One last thing.  You’ll note the reviews are unsigned. That’s because each of the reviews has been reviewed and modified if need be by all the primary judges.  This is a joint review signed off on by all the judges who attended each of the session.  What you read is what we all think. 

Okay, everyone. This is where it starts.  Read the reviews. Watch the videos. Follow the links. CRM Idol 2011 is now open for business.